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OAHS Counseling Department

How do I make an appointment with the counselor?

Appointments can be made by emailing Ms. Schroeder. Staff phone numbers are on the homepage of this website.

How can I get a progress report?

Parents can keep track of their student's progress by getting a grade check every other Monday in the office.  Parents can also email their student's teachers directly if they have any questions.

Where can I find out information about ACT or SAT test dates?

Go to: for SAT dates and registration information.

Go to: for ACT dates and registration information.

When do I apply for college?

Applications for four-year colleges are usually available starting in October of your senior year. Deadlines can be as early as November 15th (for early decision), so be sure to know the deadline and apply well in advance. We encourage students to get their applications done prior to Winter Break in December.  Most college applications are online. You will usually get a quicker response to an online application and the schools are able to contact you more quickly with questions. Applications for two-year community and technical schools are also online and can be filed as early as December of your senior year. The earlier the community college application is turned in, the better chance to get into specific programs and classes in the Fall.

When do I apply for financial aid?

Students can apply for financial aid after January 1st. Colleges use the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form which should be filed online and is available beginning January 1 of your senior year at Colleges use the information from that form to determine your student aid. You will usually get an offer of student aid at the same time you receive your acceptance from a school. The counseling department sets up a Financial Aid Information Night in November for parents. 

How and when do I get scholarships?

Scholarships are available from a variety of sources. Students should check the counseling center scholarship wall starting in the fall of their freshmen year. Scholarships will also be posted here and updated monthly. This lists all the local, state-wide and national scholarships we receive that are offered to current students.

The best source will be the financial aid office of the college attended, so be sure to contact them early and pay attention to their deadlines.

A third source is websites. These scholarships draw from a larger pool of students and can be harder to get.